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What's happening:

Automation a few Nelson Apple Pack houses, Compass fruits in Nelson is being fitted with a Modicon M340 utilizing the CAN Open functionality to network 30 Altivar drives, Bio Fuel Pilot plant, continued development of ACEDs own vision system, integration of Woodeye vision system to existing saws, Kiln Control systems, continued winery upgrades, mussel processing systems, Refrigeration systems and Freeze drier control systems.




ACED provides Industrial Electrical Design solutions for projects small to large for the top of the South Island New Zealand. Happy to work with existing electrical contractors to provide support in any area from electrical design, drawings, control solutions (PLC programming) and continued support once a project is completed. Process Control strategies can be implemented to maximize your companies profits. Please follow the 'Services' and 'Products' link above to find a comprehensive list of services and products available.

Features that make us different:

Web based access to all customer information, for ever.... Once you are provided a service by ACED you will receive a members login and password which will allow access to all drafting, plc code, data sheets, invoices etc to allow your company to see your resources and investments. Web based access  prevents you from being held ransom to a particular contractor. ACED believes in an open policy with customers and aims to satisfy the customers goals of increasing and maximizing production. We are trying to maximize the ability of small companies to succeed by providing a cost effective service to increase production.

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